How To Get A Promotion

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Today I would like to share something about getting a promotion.

A lot of us have a desire to receive a promotion. It doesn't' t matter if your current job is temporary or permanent, it is normal to have the desire to do and learn something new.

In the beginning, switching to a new job function might be very scary, especially when you do not have the right education background or you do not have the experience.

Another thing is that you might have doubts about yourself and your qualifications and you catch yourself asking if you really have the capacity to receive this promotion.

Of course, education is not wrong. It is always helpful, but sometimes we need to be at the right place with the right people.

In this blog, I have put some points which will help you think about the steps that you could undertake to get your promotion.

1.Do first your research

2. What are they looking for ?

3. Can you meet those standards

4. What does your company stand for?

5.  Integrity

6. Be enthusiastic about what you do

7. Network

8.  Dress good

9.   Show interest

10.Discuss your ambitions

Stay tuned, as I will go deeper into this subject in my next blog.

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