Developing New Skills

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Today I would like to talk about developing your skills.There are some skills that we have developed throughout the time, simply because we have been practising it for a long time. Some of us did not even realise that we had developed certain skills.

With this blog I would like to help you to identify your own skills, so it can help you further in your life and, of course, career.

I am going to give some advice that could help you improve your skills. Instead of waiting for opportunities to come, you can create opportunities for yourself when you have more skills.

So, let’s take a look! 

1. Where lies your interests? 

First and foremost, it is important to do what you love. When you do what you love, you can easily identify what you like and this could be helpfull to discover what you would like to learn.

Ask yourself questions. What would you like to learn? What are your needs or why do you want to learn something? Because if you can not answer these questions for yourself, your motivation may not be that strong enough when difficulties occur. 

Another important point is to be curious. It is important if you want to grow and move forward with your career, and also if you want to develop a new skill. Try to network with people who share the same interests and invest in what you want to learn. You can do this by reading books for example, or you can follow an influencer or professional on social media who is an expert in that particular field. 

2. What are you good at? 

Most of the time we are not that busy with trying to identify what we are good at. We live in a time where everyone is trying to  be successful , others want to make money and others are focusing on improving their career, which is not always wrong. But, we often do not  take the time to observe ourselves. Practising self-observation could help you understand who you are. When I talk about observation, I mean observing what you are good at and observing what your strongest traits are. For example, if you speak several languages, that is already a skill that could help you tremendously. 

You can use this skill in so many different ways. There are for example companies that are looking for people who speak several languages and sometimes your might not look for a job at the moment, but because you have already certain skills, you  are  creating more opportunities for yourself. This could come handy when a company is  looking for people who, in this case,  speak the languages you master. You may not be even qualified for the job, but because you know several languages, it creates an opportunity which can lead to a getting the job anyway. So, do not neglect what you already have.

3. Identify the skills that you need

We all want to become better in something, but when you cannot clarify what you need you will turn into circles and at the end, you will realize that you are not improving. So, the question is: what is it that you become good in and why? Try to answer these questions for yourself. When you have more clarity in what you want to achieve, you will see that it will give you the motivation to learn more. 

Motivation plays a big role in everything you do. But, even though motivation is important, it is not enough! Discipline is needed in order for you to accomplish your projects. This can only improve when you are doing something that is new for you. Something that you are interested in. So, be ready to step out and explore new things! 

Most of the time when we step out of our comfort zone, we discover weaknesses and strengths we have never seen before, and this is something that will allow you to learn more. This also makes things more exciting and fun.

When something is so new for you, it makes you curious and you will try to know more and research more about the subject so you can learn. Do not forget that learning can be fun! So, try to identify what it is that you need. By doing this you will not waste time on things that are not necessary.

4.  Learn  from others ( mentor, coach)

There is a saying which goes: you cannot fully reach your potential without the help of others. And I believe this is true. We need people in our lives from whom we can learn from. No one can be successful on his own. It might be possible, but it might take longer to achieve your goals. So, be willing to learn from those who have more experience than you. They say knowledge is power, that is why you should try to connect with people who are in the field you are interested in and from whom you can learn new things that you are looking for. You can realize this in many different ways, for example, by reading books or follow online platforms like LinkedIn. 

Secondly, everyone wants to be inspired by someone, but sometimes you also can learn from their experiences. There are people who are called for what you are looking for on a professional level. 

So, my question to you is: do you have mentors? Do you have role models that you can look up to? Maybe you do not have anyone at this moment in your environment, but do some research about it. Nowadays a lot of people write books, some have online platforms to mentor people. You do not always need a physical person unless you really want to. There is always a way and a possibility to seek mentorship, and why not at Nelson Career Curators?


5. How do you learn ?

We are still on the same topic about developing new skills. Once you know what you want to learn and which skills you want to improve, things will get much easier for you. The question is, how are you going manage this? Did you already found out how you want to learn this new skill? Do you know what works best for you? The answers to these questions will  further determine if you are going to achieve your goals or not. Often we do a lot of things at the same time and later on we realize that we cannot manage it and end up quitting whatever we started. This is why it is important to be realistic about the skills that you want to learn.

Everybody learns in a different matter, thus you should find a way that works the best for you. There are many ways to learn a skill online. For instance by following online courses. 

Especially now during the corona crisis, you can take the opportunity of the remaining time to develop your skills. Google is your best friend! So, go to Google and search for course that could interest you. You will see that there are innumerous options of which you can chose!

Thank you again for reading my blog, and I hope it will help you develop new skills. 

Stay tuned for my next subject! 

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