What you should know before going for a promotion.

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Most people would like to grow in a company, or they long for a promotion, but they find it out later that it is not possible.

Some realize later that the job position that they wanted to apply for.

That does not meet their standards.

Others do end up well in a good company, but only find out that the competition is too big.

And of course there are companies that are offering many opportunities, but they simply don't know how to go about it.

Knowing what you want makes things easy and this can be a journey to find it out.

The more you found out what you want in life the more you can define your goals.

This will also help you and motivate you wherever you will find yourself working.

So don't lose hope.

On below, I've some questions that could help us to overthink before going for any promotion.

Do some research

Before desiring any promotion, let us make sure that we do our homework.

What do you know exactly about this job position that you want to apply for?

Do you know their requirements ?

Are there any conditions, have you ever thought about the disadvantage?

Do you need any experience ?

These are very important questions that you need to know before applying for any job position.

Ask yourself, are you ready for this job ?

Do you think that you are qualified for this job position ? 

Sometimes it’s good to ask yourself the question, so you may know where you stand.

The Application

Before, we think about a promotion.We need to ask ourselves what the motivation is.

So here are view questions. 

Why are you applying for that job position ? Is it because you need a job or is there a lack of options.

You need to ask yourself : ''Do I really want this job because I like it'', or I don't have any choice.

The next thing before applying , is it helping you towards your personal goals ?

It is important to define your goals even in your career.

Otherwise you will not be able to improve.

Let’s go deeper. 

The vision of the company

What's the vision of the company ?

A vision is something what the company tries to reach in the future.

What do you know about the vision ? How are they working on it ?

What do they do ? Do you understand their vision ? Do you see yourself working there ?

This is  important to know before applying for any job.

For an example , do you agree for example with there beliefs, there convictions?

If not, then there is no need to waist any time. 

What are the job qualities ?

Do you have the right qualifications ? Is skill required ? 

Do you need any expertise, this can be also in the area of your education.

There are companies who look for a specific person who has similar personal qualities that involves there job position.

Example , if you are working  in the healthcare,  probably they might look for someone who has a quality such as a person that is helpful, someone who has compassion for the people.

So you need to know what are your personal qualities.

Keep up to date, next time I will go further with this.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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